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Linda D. McMillan, Teacher

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"It is not being able to do a posture that counts, it is the practice of Yoga that really matters." Linda McMillan

Free of Charge

In Grant Park at the Community Center at 537 Park Avenue, (Park Avenue is 1 block West of Boulevard, alongside Grant Park) downstairs in the Aerobics/Yoga room. Joyce Taylor is the Facilitator and the phone number for directions is 404/624-0697

                                    Taught Weekly: Thursday: 6:30pm -    Taught by Linda

What about Yoga?

Although not as fashionable as in the early seventies, and almost overshadowed by the popular aerobic exercises, yoga is still alive and gaining more interest. In fact, those all important warm-up and cool-down stretches for aerobics can thank yoga for their origin. Yoga means "to yoke" or "union" and "to balance the body, mind and spirit." "Ha" (as in Hatha) means sun while "tha" means moon which denotes the energy polarities in the body. New perspectives about one's self and the world can be seen as a result of doing Yoga. Depending on how frequently and diligently one practices this ancient - yet modern - exercise, many desired improvements can be obtained through yoga. Yoga promotes flexibility and strength, improves circulation, helps prevent injuries, reduces tension headache, increases body awareness, lowers high blood pressure, as well as decreases pain and stiffness. This unique exercise with its coordinated breathing truly enhances natural health, strength, grace, and sensitivity.

I appreciate the opportunity to introduce myself to you and to share my web site with you. It is my desire to share a little of my knowledge with you in hopes that I will have the opportunity to serve you in the near future through hands-on therapy, spiritual healing, CEU's, and other seminars or retreats. I feel great joy to see my work affect the health and well-being of others. In fact, I am inspired by the association of you, your growth, and your transition of health and wholeness. Also please tell a friend or loved one about my Holistic practice of intregrating and balancing body, mind and spirit with modalities such as Acu-therapy to hydrotherapy and my Lifestyle management programs of stress reduction and weight control with Bodywork to Hypnotherapy. I am pleased to announce my forthcoming Yoga video which is in production now and my booklet "Helpful and Healthy Living" which is in the making. Due to my efforts in these productions and my health research, I have a limited practice in Atlanta and Jacksonville. Thank you for visiting my web site.

To see me personally for a consultation or appointment please call: 404-522-6625 in Atlanta; toll free 1-877-893-9438 #5


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