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After 3 acupuncture treatments with Linda for my arthritic knee, I was able to completely discontinue my prescribed anti-inflamitants that I took twice a day for a year. I had previously attempted to discontinue this prescribed medication, which resulted in my knee swelling with significant pain. Having to work on my feet, I was forced to return to my prescription and my physician advised me that I would be on anti-inflamitants for life. Thanks to Linda's acupuncture treatments, I have not taken any medication for two years and have only had one minor flare-up that was easily remedied in a single treatment.

Elena B. (St. John's the Wonderworker Church)

After just one Yoga session with Linda my body feels more flexible and I feel like I have more mobility. Thanks!

M. Shafer (Atlanta)

My 4-year-old daughter had a severe case of stage fright prior to a beauty pageant, which did nothing to enhance her chances of winning. After one Hypnotherapy session with Linda, she was more comfortable & confident, on and off stage.

Ms. L. (Atlanta)

I had pain in my left ankle due to a sprain. After my first acupuncture session, I felt relief and was amazed that there is no pain to it.

Mr. Curtis (Florida)

I had Cystitis with the itching and burning as well as symptoms of hemorrhoids and fishers, which is also very uncomfortable. I had instant relief after my first treatment.

Ms. Mesnick (Cleveland, Ohio)

My arthritic finger improved by 50% after my first acupuncture treatment.

Sally M. (Florida)

I had poison ivy with an awful itching so I called Linda to relieve this for me. She used four acu-points and we were both amazed that it balanced the condition of the skin.

Ann H. (Atlanta)

My first colonic released body toxins as well as emotional falsehoods. My wish was answered when I met you and you were sent as a messenger to show me about myself. You really helped me get in touch with my true self and to see myself as I really am, a beautiful human being who deserves love and appreciation.

Thanks, Lynne

I'm very impressed with your sensitive, and intuitive guidance, with your emotional release work. It feels more profound and on-target than any long term (or long-winded) therapy. You have helped me begin to recognize the unhealthy patterns in how I live and think. I feel more alive, less fearful, and more in touch with my higher self.

Betty C. (Atlanta)

You are the answer to my prayers for healing my body, mind, and spirit. Thank you for being YOU -- healer, counselor, and loving support.

Emily C. (Atlanta)

Linda has brought me back to insights and truth plus helped me relax and release pain.

Bonnie K. (Atlanta)

I always thought I'd find my guru in India, but I found Linda in Atlanta!

Jim (Airline Pilot) (Miami)

Just at a point when I thought I had lost my soul mate, Linda came into our lives and healed the rifts between my fiancÚ' and me. Now I feel on the brink of a new world, much stronger in love and more committed than ever before. I highly recommend Linda as a healer in the highest form.

Dr. Laurie Ross Hunter (Miami)

Linda, You are a lady who impressed my life!

Tom W. (Former Advisor to President Carter)

When my daughter, Linda came home for a visit, I was in pain with what the MD diagnosised as bursitis. I couldn't use my left shoulder which Linda called a frozen shoulder. It was very painful and an effort for me to button the back of my dress or even to comb the back of my hair. Linda is a Florida State Licensed Acupuncturist since 1981 and she urged me to consider allowing her to treat my condition. Since I had never experienced any form of Chinese Medicine, I was reluctant. I consented while thinking needles would be very unpleasant. But to my surprise, they were not painful at all and I'm still grateful for the lasting relief with full mobility of my shoulder and arm to this very day. Now when I have any pain or dis-ease, I will gladly receive acupuncture again. Thank God Linda insisted I try something new yet very old and for allowing me to be pain free without medication. I Love her dearly.

Ms. McMillan (Florida)

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