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Acupunc Acupuncture with your Fingers An 18-point healing system. Dr. Ralph Alan Dale, Ed.D., Ph.D.,C.A.,Dipl. Ac.   $6.75
Diet1 A Diet Primer Dr. Ralph Alan Dale, Ed.D., Ph.D.   $5.00
Aroma Aromatherapy Aromatherapy is an ancient form of massage using essential oils. Julie Sadler   $5.00
Body1 Body Principal, The The Exercise Program for Life Victoria Principal   $9.95
Body2 Body Reflexology Healing at your Fingertips. Mildred Carter   $6.95
Body3 Bodywise Woman, The Reliable Information about Physical Activity and Health The Staff and Researchers of the Melpomene Institute for Women's Health Research $11.95
Diet1 A Diet Primer Dr. Ralph Alan Dale, Ed.D., Ph.D.   $5.00
Every1   Everything Anti-Aging Book, The   Discover the secrets of looking young, feeling great, and having boundless
Donald Vaughan   $12.95
Every2 Everything Candlemaking Book, The Create homemade candles in housewarming colors, interesting shapes, and appealing scents. M.J. Abadie $12.95
Every3 Everything Cover Letter Book, The Great cover letters for everybody from student to executive. Steven Graber $12.95
Every4 Everything Feng Shui Book, The Create Harmony and Peace in any room. Katina Z. Jones $14.95
Every5 Everything Get Rich Book, The Sure-fire techniques that anyone can use to create wealth. Jennifer Lane, CFP, with Bill Lane $12.95
Every6 Everything Herbal Remedies Book, The Feel better naturally using simple treatments and home remedies. M. J. Abadie $12.95
Every7 Everything Internet Book, The talk to your friends, shop for bargins, find the information you need, and get free cool stuff online. Sharon McDonnell $12.95
Every8 Everything Investing Book, The How to pick, buy and sell stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Rich Mintzer and Annette Racond $12.95
Every9 Everything Kids' Money Book, The From Saving to Spending to Investing - Learn All About Money! Diane Mayr   $6.95
Every10 Everything Kids' Online Book, The E-mail, pen pals, live chats, home pages, family trees, homework, and much more! Rich Mintzer and Carol F. Mintzer   $9.95
Every11 Everything Pilates Book, The The ultimate guide to making your body stronger, leaner, and healthier. Founders of The Pilates Center, Amy Taylor Alpers and Rachel Taylor Segal with Lorna Gentry $14.95
Every12 Everything Stress Management Book, The Practical ways to relax, be healthy, and maintain your sanity. Eve Adamson $12.95
Every13 Everything Tai Chi and Qigong Book, The Enjoy good health, longevity, and a stress-free life. Ellae Elinwood $12.95
Every14 Everything Total Fitness Book, The A complete program to help you look -and feel- great. Ellen Karpay $12.95
Every15 Everything Yoga Book, The Improve your strength, flexibility, and sense of well-being. Cynthia Worby, MSW, MPH, RYT $12.95
Eat1 Gentle Eating Achieve Permanent Weight Loss Through Gradual Life Changes Stephen Arterburn; M.Ed., Mary Ehemann, Vivian Lamphear, Ph.D.   $5.00
Head1 Headache Book, The Prevention and Treatment for All Types of Headaches Dr. Frank Minirth   $5.00
Confid How to Have CONFIDENCE and POWER in Dealing with People Les Giblin who has helped millions with his seminars, audio-visual programs, and books, now gives you the key to success in all your dealings with people - whether they're personal, business or social. Les Giblin   $6.95
Learn Learning More About Bitterness Robert S. McGee and Pat Springle   $5.00
Life LifeMates The Love Fitness Program for a Lasting Relationship Harold Bloomfield, M.D. and Sirah Vettese, Ph.D. with Robert Kory   $8.95
Love Love Is A Choice The Groundbreaking Book on Recovery for Codependent Relationships Dr. Robert Hemfelt, Dr. Frank Minirth, Dr. Paul Meier   $5.00
Stress1 Hidden Link Between Adrenaline & Stress, The The exciting new breakthrough that helps you overcome stress damage. Dr. Archibald D. Hart   $5.00
Married1 How To Get Married A proven plan for finding the right mate. Dr. Herman Weiss and Julie Davis   $2.95
Natural Natural Birth Control Book, The Natural Birth Control is a must for any woman who wants to eliminate the Pill, diaphragm, and I.U.D., or take the worries out of the rhythm method. Art Rosenbloom and Leah Jackson   $2.95
Vegan1 Radical Vegetarianism A dialectic of diet and ethic. Mark Matthew Braunstein   $5.00
Sprout Sprout Garden Indoor growers guide to Gourmet Sprouts Mark M. Braunstein $12.95
Stress2 Stress and Your Child The hidden reason why your child may be moody, resentful or insecure. Dr. Archibald D. Hart   $5.99
Thin Thin Disguise, The Understanding and Overcoming Anorexia and Bulimia Pam Vredevelt, Dr. Deborah Newman, Dr. Harry Beverly & Dr. Frank Minirth   $5.99
Vegan2 Vegan Epicure, The 135 Delicious Recipes for Health Eating Hermine Freed $14.95
Bear1 Walk In Balance The Path to Health, Happy, Harmonious Living. Sun Bear, Crysalis Mulligan, Peter Nufer, and Wabun   $8.95
Heart Your Heart Your Planet America's #1 Best-Selling Health and Lifestyle Book. Harvey Diamond author of Fit For Life $16.95


LA-1122 Living Arts - Yoga Conditioning for Athletes Improve Athletic ability and play longer with fewer injuries. Rodney Yee $14.95
LA-1225 Living Arts - Yoga For Intermediates The "Next Level" yoga program you've been waiting for. Rodney Yee $14.95


Enema Cleansing Enema Kit

GENT-L-KARE   $5.00

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