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A Short History

In the 1800's, hypnosis was widely practiced by physicians, particularly in Europe. In the days before drugs were part of the arsenal of physicians, it was used as an anesthetic and analgesic. Various forces led to its going underground--or actually "on stage" since stage hypnotists kept it alive during the early part of this century. Undoubtedly the widespread availability of chemical anesthesia and analgesics were a strong factor. "Queen Victoria had chloroform for delivery of her third child. Overnight, hypnosis was out," says Emil Spillman, MD, a pathologist who has practiced and taught medical hypnosis for decades. Another strong factor in its demise as a theraputic tool was Freud's disenchantment with it. Freud admits in his writings that he is not very good at hypnosis---undoubtedly one reason he quit using it. But he also, according to Dr. Spillman, was concerned about "symptom substitution," the belief that if you removed a symptom, it might be replaced by something worse. Dr. Spillman's own experience with thousands of patients over 25 years is that "this doesn't happen." If a patient's symptom (for example, migraine headache---in which Dr. Spillman believes 95% of these are curable with hypnosis) is associated with a highly emotional event in his/her past, hypnosis can remove the symptom permanently, with no side effects. But if the symptom is a way of coping with a trauma that is current in the person's life---for example, a bad marriage---"the hypnosis simply will not work without dealing with the trauma itself." The idea that hypnosis is harmful has now been discounted. David Spiegel, MD, Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University School of Medicine, put it this way: "Physicians often worry that hypnosis involves significant risks to patients. Actually, the phenomenon is not dangerous and has fewer side effects than even the most benign medications".

FAQ About Hypnosis

01) What is Hypnosis?

     A naturally occurring trance state of well being. While in a trance the body as well as the mind/brain relaxes. The brain waves slow down from BETA into ALPHA. BETA is an active mental state. ALPHA is that relaxed state that we all enter on the way into and out of deep sleep or THETA. These are all naturally occurring brain waves that are healthy and necessary for our well being.

02) Is Hypnosis Natural?

     Yes, everyone goes in and out of trances throughout the day and night. The hypnotherapist may guide the direction of the trance if the person allows it.

03) Could I have been in a trance and not known it?

     Yes, possibly so, during the course of your daily activities. A few examples are while driving on a long highway (and the time was shorter than you thought), while watching a TV commercial (and you feel compelled to buy their product), while being engrossed in the movement of clouds (your mind floats and you might feel lighter), while receiving a massage (you begin to drift away into ALPHA or relaxation).

04) Can I do self Hypnosis?

     Yes, and you do so daily when you direct yourself such as: "I'm not hungry", "I do not love him/her anymore", or "I can not live without him/her!", "I will live a Christian life from now on!", "I'll be comfortable on stage", or "I am an achiever!". These are all employed commands to yourself.

05) Will Hypnosis help me manage my weight and help me to quit smoking?

     Without the desire nothing will happen. No one can make another person do anything unless they first have the desire to change habits or lifestyle. Then Hypnosis will aid in the process by reinforcing determination and self will. A client must choose to change and desire the change in order for it to work, then and only then will it work. The hypnotherapist only assists the individual by supporting and directing the internal dialog (correct and positive thoughts), images (internal visual mental pictures), and the way a person feels (feelings about themselves, others and their goals).

06) Can everyone be put in a trance?

     Yes, when they allow it. The client can either resist the trance or let go and drop quickly into hypnosis.

07) Are all Hypnotherapists professionals?

     There are some stage hypnotists who perform for entertainment. This is a different style of hypnosis. Therapists who use hypnosis for healing and wellbeing vow not to use their healing art for the stage.

08) Is Hypnosis Dangerous?

     No one can be put into a trance against their free will. The client is in control and allows the trance state to occur.

09) Can Hypnosis help my pain?

     Yes, actually it can. However, pain, numbness, etc. are some of the ways the body communicates that something needs correction or attention. Examples: hunger pains tell you it is time to eat, pain in the chest could be telling you that your heart is emotionally wounded from your last relationship, pain in the throat area could be unexpressed anger. You or a hypnotherapist could help release these pains, however, they will come back again until they are properly addressed and resolved.

10) What do I need to do before coming to a hypnotherapist?

     Have your mind made up as to what you want your outcome to be. Be specific about your goals. Be aware that the past does not equal the future and the future can be whatever you choose it to be. Be willing to release any struggle patterns or any feelings of unworthiness.

11) How does the hypnotherapist know what to do?

     After the interview and consultation the therapist will note where you are mentally and emotionally as well as note where you want to be and what is stopping you from being where you want to be. Then he/she will induce relaxation and do similar commands that you have failed to do for yourself. Sometimes, unconcious destructive thought and behavior patterns are easier to address by another person than ourselves.

12) How do I make an appointment?

     Make up your mind that change is possible. Know that you deserve to be and have what it is you want and then take action and CALL TODAY 404-522-6625.


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