Colon Hydrotherapy

A Guide to Understanding Proper Colon Hygiene

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How The Colon Works

The colon (large intestine) is a muscular tube approximately 5-6 feet in length with an average diameter of 2.5 inches. The small intestine empties the contents of digestion into the first portion of the colon. The colon starts on the lower right side (the ascending colon) of the abdomen. It extends from there to the liver where it bends and crosses the abdomen as the transverse colon. At the spleen, it descends down the left side (the descending colon) of the abdomen to the pelvis where it becomes the sigmoid colon. This then empties into the rectum where waste material is then eliminated through the anus.
The contents of digestion are moved along by mass muscular movements (peristalsis) which is initiated by the nerve supply to the colon. The main functions of the colon are absorption of water and minerals, and the formation and elimination of feces. The total process normally takes between twelve and twenty-four hours.

Why Colon Hydrotherapy

A healthy colon is essential to a healthy body. The elimination of undigested food material and other waste products are as important as the digestion and assimilation of foodstuffs. Waste material allowed to remain stagnant in the colon may result in decomposition of these substances and increased bacteria and their toxins.

Years of improper nutrition may be reversed by hydrotherapy. A series of treatments may be required in cases of chronic constipation or the atonic (sluggish) colon condition. Each person is different and requires a different program.

Toxicity Self Test

The symptoms of a toxic & stagnant colon can be constipation, gas, bad breath, skin blemishes, headaches, distended abdomen, enlarged waist, low back pain, heaviness, and a lack of energy.

What Is Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy is the safe, gentle infusion of warm filtered water into the rectum using no chemicals or drugs. This is a restorative, painless procedure which is both relaxing & effective. The patient lies comfortably on a treatment table and the therapist gently inserts a nozzle into the rectum. The therapist then monitors the temperature and pressure of the water into and out of the colon, without any effort by the patient. The colon hydrotherapy method cleanses the entire colon without stressing the patient. This procedure provides a closed system in which the waste material is eliminated through the nozzle and out to the drain line, avoiding any odor and maintaining the dignity of the patient. This process takes approximately one hour.
Colon hydrotherapy is an extended form of a regular enema and a colon wash. An enema's cleansing activity is limited to the area of the rectum for shorter periods of time. This is due to the body's natural desire to expel any material in the rectum. The colonic and especially the colon wash, extends the cleansing beyond the rectum to progressively cleanse the entire large intestine (colon) and offers greater therapeutic benefits. Enemas or laxatives may precipitate dehydration in an individual while a colonic improves the hydration status of the individual.
The colonic machine offers a minimal starting water pressure of 1/4 psi (pounds per square inch) and the treatment is done below 2 psi. We use disposable speculums that eliminate any possible contamination to the patient from a previous treatment.

Colon Wash

The Colon Wash is recommended as an initial first visit treatment and is commonly referred to as a high enema. The process is done by slowly inserting a Harrison's tube (a small plastic flexible tube) into the rectum up to twenty-two inches or as far as the person can accept it comfortably. This allows the internal walls of the colon to be massaged and relaxed and thus helps to release any anal retentiveness or any colon constrictures due to stress. The colon is then filled with warm filtered water (herbs optional) from the ascending colon, through the transverse colon, into the descending colon, and then evacuated out the rectum voluntarily by the person. This allows a more thorough flush without washing away a lot of the body's natural bacteria.
These three infusions of water are done in three different body postures (1st on the back, then on the knees and shoulders, and lastly on the right side) allowing gravity to assist in the process. This pleasurable and rejuevenating process usually takes forty-five minutes to 1 hour.

Frequency of Treatments

An initial series of three to six colonics is recommended. Years of improper nutrition cannot be reversed in a few treatments. More treatments may be required in cases of chronic constipation or the atonic (sluggish) colon condition. After the initial colonic series it is advisable to have a series of three treatments every three to six months in order to maintain the optimal colon health. Ask one of our consultants or therapists which program they recommend. Each person is different and requires a different program.

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